Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hockey Game!

On Wednesday Trevor and I went to a hockey game with our friends Blake and Ali! It was a lot of fun. The Grizzlies (the Utah team) were playing the Wranglers (The Vegas team). So naturally... we were cheering for the Wranglers! lol It was a lot of fun. We used our student I.D.'s and were able to get 7th row seats for $5. We were so close you could smell the sweat! lol... It was fun. And the game even went into a shoot-out. The Wranglers ended up winning so we were really happy about that. We had some pretty crazy people sitting around us too. The guys behind us were taunting and making jokes the whole time. I didn't get most of them though. lol.. Actually none of us did. I'm pretty sure they had been doing a little too much drinking. But it was a really fun night and I am so happy we were able to hang out with good friends!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Get us out of Provo!!!!!!!

Ok... Trevor and I are not the biggest fans of Provo. It's just not our thing. We like the city, we like the warmth, we like our families, we like the rebels, and we basically just like Vegas. But since we can't really head back to Vegas right now, we are counting down the days until we can at least get to Salt Lake. We can't wait for this sumer and to move 45 miles north to a real city. so spring semester... please hurry and finish already!!!! :)