Thursday, August 9, 2012

Life as of late...

Obviously I am not keeping up on my blogging all that well... so here is a little photo dump from my iPhone so you can all see what we have been up to lately...

Oh how we love the beach... Del Mar and San Diego were amazing this year... a much needed getaway! (Ill be doing a whole post dedicated to this later)

How cute are our sweet nephews... We seriously love them so much and cannot get enough of them. Trevor and I are so sad that Brady and Nicole moved to Arizona and now we don't get to drive down the street to see them. I see some trips to Arizona in our near future. 

Dark Knight Rises... INCREDIBLE... Enough said... 

We have been having lots of fun date nights with friends and had lots of fun venturing out onto all the hiking trails around our house...

And the latest news... Kyle is HOME!!! Trevor could not be more excited... This is the picture he sent me yesterday from the airport!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Trevor and I went down to Vegas for the long Memorial Day weekend.
What did we do?
We relaxed... all weekend...
We spent time with family.
We went to baseball games.
We played basketball.
We layed out and got some much needed vitamin D.
We played with our adorable nephews.
Basically, we just enjoyed our nice long 3 day weekend.
Now it's back to school and work and dreaming of the day that we can get out of Utah.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

we LOVE the weekend...

Trevor and I love our weekends... basically because we get to sleep in, relax, and spend time together. This weekend was not a crazy eventful one but it was still wonderful. On Saturday we went down to the City Creek mall and Trevor got the shoes he has been talking about for years now... As you can see he was so happy he was literally smelling them when we got home.
Later that night we went out to dinner and saw Titanic in 3D with our friends Adam and Kami. We're a little depressed because they are moving back to Vegas when the Semester ends and leaving us all alone is SLC. But we just keep telling ourselves we are almost done with Utah and then we can move back to warmer weather and sunshine! Oh we cannot wait... but here are a few pictures from our little adventures this weekend. As you can see my husband does not take a serious picture. It's one of the many reasons I love him so much...

Monday, March 26, 2012

This last week was a fun and eventful one... the weather was so nice and so many exciting things were happening we just found ourselves out and about pretty much everyday. During the week we went to the new City Creek mall opening down town. It was amazing... I felt like I was in california... Thank goodness Utah finally as good mall. Then on friday night we went to see The Hunger Games with our friend Adam and Kami and Trevor's cousin Landry and his wife Brandy. We decided to hit up the midnight showing in IMax on Friday night since all of wives work during the week the actual midnight showing on Thursday night would have been a major struggle. But all I have to say is that it was AMAZING. I am so glad they followed the book so closely. I'm think Trevor and I might have to go again. lol... On Saturday we decided to go exploring by our house and go for a hike. The weather was so nice and it just felt wonderful to be outside and really just enjoy some sun. We're just hoping this means winter is officially over. Here's some pictured to document our week...

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Call me the worst blogger in the world... hey at least I'm blogging now. A few weeks ago Trevor and I got to go to the Laker vs Jazz game. Trevor had never been to an NBA game before so for Christmas I got him tickets to see his favorite team the Lakers. I decided that because he loves Kobe so much he needed to get to see him play before he retires in a few years. We had an absolute blast. The Lakers lost but Trevor did get to see Kobe put up some major points which made him happy...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Goal for the next 20 years...

TRAVEL!!!... I want to go to anywhere and everywhere. So obviously that is not possible so I made a list of places I want to go first. Some I have already been to and just want to go back. hopefully Trevor will go along with this idea ;) but here is my list....







*New York