Monday, March 26, 2012

This last week was a fun and eventful one... the weather was so nice and so many exciting things were happening we just found ourselves out and about pretty much everyday. During the week we went to the new City Creek mall opening down town. It was amazing... I felt like I was in california... Thank goodness Utah finally as good mall. Then on friday night we went to see The Hunger Games with our friend Adam and Kami and Trevor's cousin Landry and his wife Brandy. We decided to hit up the midnight showing in IMax on Friday night since all of wives work during the week the actual midnight showing on Thursday night would have been a major struggle. But all I have to say is that it was AMAZING. I am so glad they followed the book so closely. I'm think Trevor and I might have to go again. lol... On Saturday we decided to go exploring by our house and go for a hike. The weather was so nice and it just felt wonderful to be outside and really just enjoy some sun. We're just hoping this means winter is officially over. Here's some pictured to document our week...

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